Tjasa Bartolj - SI-MSM-LM: Slovenian microsimulation model of labor market

  • Presenting author: Tjasa Bartolj (Institute for Economic Research)

  • Authors: Tjasa Bartolj, Saso Polanec

  • Session: B03A - Behavior [1] - Tuesday 14:00-15:30 - Ceremonial Hall

This paper introduces the Slovenian microsimulation model of the labor market (SI-msm-LM), a tool designed to assist policymakers and researchers in comprehending the intricate dynamics of labor market behavior and facilitating informed decision-making processes. We provide a comprehensive overview of the methodology and functionalities of SI-msm-LM – a behavioral microsimulation model of the RURO type that encompasses labor market demand and utilizes the Euromod model to calculate net incomes. Notably, one of the distinguishing attributes of this labor market model is its ability to estimate the ramifications of policy changes on businesses, such as the effects of minimum wage increases on wage bills.