Deirdre Hennessy - Panel Discussion: International perspectives on building and training microsimulation teams

  • Presenting author: Deirdre Hennessy (Various)

  • Authors: Deirdre Hennessy - Canada, Ralf Munnich - Germany, Matteo Richiardi - UK, Robert Tanton - Australia

  • Session: B04A - International Collaboration & Tools - Plenary - Tuesday 16:00-17:00 - Ceremonial Hall

Building and training microsimulation teams is a perennial challenge. An extensive skillset is required for microsimulation modelling, including programming and analytical skills, as well as subject matter knowledge, teamwork, and communication skills. At the same time, these skills are in high demand due to a growth in the fields of data science and analytics. The objective of this panel discussion is to share experiences, as well as identify opportunities and challenges in training and recruiting people and teams with appropriate technical, subject matter and oversight skills. Panellists will discuss essential skills needed, difficult skills gaps, successful and unsuccessful strategies for recruiting and training microsimulation modellers and teams, and how increased international collaboration through the International Microsimulation Association might support these activities. The goal of this session is to stimulate an ongoing discussion and raise awareness around this critical issue.