Morgane Dumont - A dynamic microsimulation model of individuals grouped into households for health projections purposes (for Belgium).

  • Presenting author: Morgane Dumont (HEC - ULiege)

  • Authors: Morgane Dumont

  • Session: C01B - Health [2] - Wednesday 9:00-10:30 - Marietta-Blau Hall

  • Slides: PDF

Virtual Belgium In Health is a project funded by the Wallonia that has been developed in the last years. Starting from a static synthetic population for 2011 (last census in Belgium), grouped into households and localized in a municipality, a time evolution has been implemented. On a yearly time step, the population is updated with different modules : ageing, death, birth, marriage, divorce and moves. The initial aim was to allow Wallonia to use the projected population (until 2030) and test different scenarios. After a description of the complete current dynamic, the multiple possible uses of the platform (not only in health), different applications of health forecasts (such as diabetes forecasts for example), usefulness for decision makers, limitations and further development will be discussed in this paper.