Ció Patxot - Measuring the Care Economy along the lifecycle

  • Presenting author: Ció Patxot (Universitat de Barcelona)

  • Authors: Abio, G.; Andres, R.; Patxot, C.; Pons, J.; Souto, G.; Stoyanova, A.

  • Session: C02C - Stakeholder Meeting on Care Policy - JPI WellCARE Project - (Session open to the public) - Wednesday 11:00-12:30 - Senate Hall

  • Slides: PDF

In this paper we revise and analyse comparable data sets from the European Union in order to characterize the main factors driving the Care Economy in selected countries. We take a holistic perspective, in the framework of the WELLCARE project, by taking into account the following dimensions: care given to children and to dependent elderly; care received in a formal (provided by the market or the government) and in informal (provided by relatives) way. The ultimate purpose of this analysis is implementing home production and visualizing the Care Economy in the microWELT model. This model prototype (built in the WELTRASIM project) is a dynamic microsimulation model designed to project the impact of population ageing, parameterized to reflect a wide range of European countries (WELTRANSIM project). The model incorporates the National Transfer Accounts (NTA) accounting logic and hence it allows measuring the impact of ageing on sustainability and the lifetime contribution of agents in terms of public and private transfers. This extension of the model allows for a more complete view of how resources are distributed along the lifecycle of individuals.