Philippe Liégeois - “e-SearchM”, an e-Collaborative Resource Platform for Microsimulation

  • Presenting author: Philippe Liégeois (LISER (Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research))

  • Authors: Philippe Liégeois

  • Session: B04A - International Collaboration & Tools - Plenary - Tuesday 16:00-17:00 - Ceremonial Hall

  • Slides: PDF

“e-SearchM”, an internet collaborative search tool for microsimulation, has been developed by LISER under the lead of Philippe Liégeois. The objective of this platform are the “[I]dentification, in order to make it available to the larger community, of resources associated to microsimulations (listing of models, applications, development and simulation tools) in collaboration with key actors, including the International Microsimulation Association, hosted by LISER”. Proposals of contents for e-SearchM (descriptions of models, tools and events) are checked for quality and relevance through an editorial process involving members of staff from LISER and experts nominated by the International Microsimulation Association/IMA ( After intensive checks from within LISER, the prototype is now operational and will be made available to the world community of users and developers of microsimulation by the time of IMA World Congress 2024 in Vienna.