Zuzana Siebertova - TATRASK: the microsimulation model for Slovakia based on administrative data

  • Presenting author: Zuzana Siebertova (Council for Budget Responsibility, Slovakia)

  • Authors: Zuzana Siebertová, Norbert Švarda, Jana Valachyová, Alexandra Putzová, Matúš Senaj

  • Session: A02B - Tax-Benefit - Monday 16:30-18:00 - Marietta-Blau Hall

  • Slides: PDF

TATRASK is a new microsimulation tax-benefit tool currently being developed in the Office of the Council for Budget Responsibility. The model works with administrative datasets collected by the government administrations that contain most of required information to set up a reliable model simulating personal income tax, social and health insurance contributions and social transfers. We face the main common challenges of using admin data including stringent access to the data, data generation process and computational difficulties arising from using large datasets. We also deal with issues like defining the relevant population for the simulation model or setting up households and family units in the model. In addition, we decided to provide the simulations on monthly basis. Although still work in progress, preliminary simulation results of certain policies (e.g. social insurance contributions, contributory social benefits or state social support for families) indicate an improved fit of certain simulations compared to simulation results using survey data.